LDGG - The Crown

For week beginning Monday 27th March for new Holy Week Series: CrossRoad Choices


LDGG - Obeying Expectantly

For LifeGroups meeting week beginning 20th March 2023

Looks at text for Sunday 26th March - Obeying Expectantly


LDGG - Seeing Clearly

For week starting March 13th 2023 - looking at Sermon Theme for March 19th 2023 - Seeing Clearly


LDGG - Sharing generously

For Week beginning Sunday March 5th 2023

This LifeGroup looks at the Word for March 12, 2023


LDGG - Speaking Boldly

For Week beginning February 26th 2023

This LifeGroup looks at the Word for March 5, 2023


LDGG - Living Truthfully

A Life Group that forward looks to the first week of our new series: Spiritual Apprenticeship that we will explore on Sunday 26th February.


LDGG - Rebuild with Resources

The LifeGroup Guide that looks forward to week 4 of our vision series "Rebuild with Resources'


LDGG - Re-Engage with Community

The Life Discovery Group Guide to explore the readings for 12 February 2023 - week 3 of series: Beyond Limits


LDGG - Recommit to Vision

The Life Discovery Group Guide for the second week in our Vision series which starts on Sunday Feb 5th, 2023.