LifeWay Music

Inspired by the Word, immersed in prayer, led by the Spirit, sung in community.

That's how the LifeWay Music project began. What originally started as a few new songs to bless the life and journey of a local congregation in mission, led to the formation of TRAVELLERS and the recording of their debut album HOPE ALIVE that we pray will bless your journey too.


We are all travellers on the journey of life ...

The paths we travel don't always look the same. Some are smooth and straight, others are winding and bumpy. But no matter what type of road we find ourselves on, Jesus meets us along the way. He invites us to walk with him from wherever we are at, to places we never imagined possible.

"Fellow travellers, let these songs inspire you on your journey as you meet the one who alone can illuminate your path with certainty and hope for eternity."

Travellers are a five member band from Sydney, Australia with a passion for helping people to have honest conversations with God and travel deeper in their personal relationship with Jesus.

  • Watch how the album HOPE ALIVE came to life in our behind the scenes video
  • Read our lyrics and learn more about our logo by downloading the booklet from our 'Songs and Stories' Listening Party
  • Listen to HOPE ALIVE on your favourite music streaming platform
  • Buy HOPE ALIVE on CD

The debut five-track album HOPE ALIVE is available on all major music streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play Music, YouTube & more. Help us share the hope of Jesus with as wide an audience as possible by hitting 'follow' on our artist profile.

You can also buy HOPE ALIVE on CD for $14.99 (AUD) from Australian Christian Resources HERE.

We are all travellers on the road of life, and we pray that these songs would connect with you on your journey and draw you deeper and further in the way of Jesus and the life he gives.

You are welcome to play and sing these songs in your congregation! All HOPE ALIVE lead sheets and chord charts are available here as free PDF downloads, in the hope that they might be a blessing to the wider church and community. They are also available at CCLI SongSelect.

"We are delighted to see that a local church in mission has created home grown songs and are willing to share those songs with other communities. We thank Travellers for their great contribution!" - Adrian Kitson

"Travellers Hope Alive immerses spiritual pilgrims in the worship, life and mission of the Triune God of grace. It is a rare treat to hear such fresh melodies coupled with theologically sophisticated lyrics. Worship music to sing while you reap the harvest." - Dean Eaton

"In a time of fear & panic, the message of this album has never been more timely – of a God who meets us on our journey, speaking a Word of certainty that fills us with ‘Hope Alive in trying times." - Mark Schultz

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Chinese service every Sunday, 11.15am at LifeWay Epping (56 Norfolk Rd, Epping)


We’d love for you to join us!

Contact Pastor Francis Leung for more details

聯絡人:梁國超牧師 (Pastor Francis Leung)

電話: 0411 628 833電郵: [email protected]



Is there something missing from your life? Are you looking for a place where you can live vibrantly, share openly and grow together as you develop real relationship with others? Then join a LifeGroup!

God wants us to fly as his people! That’s why he designed the Church with two wings – one to gather together as a large group in corporate worship and one to gather in a smaller personal setting such as a LifeGroup where we can live the faith and grow in the faith as we share life together. When both these wings are flapping, we are blessed to be part of wonderful adventure where we discover the truth of Jesus’ words:

I have come that you may have life and life in its fullness! John 10:10


mainly music

A fun interactive music session for parents and caregivers to enjoy together with their preschool aged children.

The morning includes a 30 minute music and movement session, where children develop gross and fine motor skills, language and imagination. Then children can socialise with others over morning tea (also for the adults) before play and craft time.

Click on your location below to see term dates and session costs.