Is there something missing from your life? Are you looking for a place where you can live vibrantly, share openly and grow together as you develop real relationship with others? Then join a LifeGroup!

God wants us to fly as his people! That’s why he designed the Church with two wings – one to gather together as a large group in corporate worship and one to gather in a smaller personal setting such as a LifeGroup where we can live the faith and grow in the faith as we share life together. When both these wings are flapping, we are blessed to be part of wonderful adventure where we discover the truth of Jesus’ words:

I have come that you may have life and life in its fullness! John 10:10

Anyone who wants to grow in their faith & build relationships! 

Whether it’s people of similar ages, life stages, or geographic locations. Groups can vary in structure and size. Anywhere up to about 12 people works best. But if you get larger than that, that’s okay too. We’ll look to divide and multiply more life groups, giving more people a chance to be involved in real community!

Wherever and whenever the group decides! There’s no rule!

It could be in a home, café, over a meal or even a lunch break! Or why not mix it up a bit & change location each meeting? Meet as often as you like, whether it’s weekly or fortnightly or whatever! Decide as a group on a time & day that best suits everyone.

In a LifeGroup, people enter God’s presence; share life together, their highs, their lows; listen attentively to God’s word; grow deeper in faith; live purposefully to act on and live this word as a disciple of Jesus Christ; pray intentionally & for each other and bless one another.

How do we do that? Each week you simply download the life group guide from the website, which re-caps the week’s theme, & takes the group through each of the ‘Life 7’ steps. Easy!

LifeGroups are also about building supportive and trusting relationships, so always remember, what’s said in the group stays in the group. And there’s no such thing as a silly question! We’re all learning and growing together! That’s what makes being part of a LifeGroup an experience you don’t want to miss.

Because life is hard and at times just plain messy.

It’s full of highs and lows, joys and sorrows, and it’s a journey that’s even harder if you try and walk it on your own. Being part of a life group is about investing in real relationships that support, care, challenge and pray for you wherever you are at in your journey They help to keep you connected to the life Jesus wants you to live as his disciple.

What’s more, it is the perfect place to bring along a friend and to let them see what real living, sharing and growing is all about!

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LifeWay is deeply committed to establishing meaningful mission partnerships and advancing the Gospel both locally and globally. Through intentional relationships with on-the-ground organizations and people, we join forces to advance the Kingdom of God and address pressing social, spiritual, and physical needs. It’s all part of living Jesus love, sharing his hope with all, and growing in grace together. Our mission trips reflect our dedication to spreading the love of Christ and making a positive difference in the world.

We believe that not only are we created for mission but all of us are gifted to serve. Sharing his hope with all is simply using your God given gifts to serve others. Whether it’s helping in children’s ministry or greeting visitors, serving coffee after service, playing a musical instrument, being involved in collecting for the Red Shield Appeal, or going on a mission trip, there are plenty of opportunities to share the hope and love of Jesus with others.

If you’re not sure what the best fit for you is, or how you can serve, then please contact one of the staff who will sit down with you and discover what you are passionate about and help you find an area to serve in. Or simply ‘have a go’ and find that fit in ministry that fills you with the greatest joy!

You can fill in the Volunteer Interest form here.

"Each of you has been blessed with one of God's wonderful gifts to be used in the service of others. So use your gift well." 1 Peter 4:10




Chinese service every Sunday, 11.15am at LifeWay Epping (56 Norfolk Rd, Epping)


We’d love for you to join us!

Contact Pastor Francis Leung for more details

聯絡人:梁國超牧師 (Pastor Francis Leung)

電話: 0411 628 833電郵: [email protected]


mainly music

A fun interactive music session for parents and caregivers to enjoy together with their preschool aged children.

The morning includes a 30 minute music and movement session, where children develop gross and fine motor skills, language and imagination. Then children can socialise with others over morning tea (also for the adults) before play and craft time.

Click on your location below to see term dates and session costs.