Courageous Faith - Pray Big....Pray Bold

Grab your L:ifeGroup and grow deeper in the word together


Courageous Faith - When you sin

#5 Grab a coffee, tea and your LifeGroup and grow deeper in courageous faith together.

Life is better when done together!

based on Joshua 7:1-8:2


Courageous Faith - Do it again

#4 in series: Courageous Faith

Grab your friends, your LifeGroup and grow deeper in grace together as we explore Joshua 5 & 6


Courageous Faith - Know your Story

Week 3 in series: Courageous Faith - Know your Story.

Joshua 4:1-24

Grab your friends, neighbours and grow deeper in his grace together as you share the stories of God at work!


Courageous Faith - Move Forward

Grab your friends, your Bible, a tea or coffee and grow deeper in his grace through this week's LifeGroup Guide.


Courageous Faith: Living from the Promise

#1 in series: Courageous Faith.

Grab some friends, a tea or coffee, open your Bible and grow in grace together as you go deeper in the Word that was shared this last Sunday.


Church on the Run

#2 of Pentecost Series: Church on Fire, Church on the Run

Grab your life group and delve deeper in the Word as you grow in grace together.


Visible Church Visible Faith


Visible Church Visible Love

Here is the Life Group Guide for the week beginning 6-5-2018.