Here I his blood

Delve deeper into week 4 of our Reformation series: Here I stand.


Here I Stand...on the promises of God.

This week's LifeGroup Guide to go with week 2 of our sermon series: Here I stand.


God: A word of Victory

#6 in series: Famous Last Words.

Grab your friends, neighbours, LifeGroup and grow in confidence in living victoriously in the promise that God is making all things new.


Jesus: a word of life

#5 in series: Famous Last Words

Grab your LifeGroup and grow deeper together in the life and grace of Jesus.


Thief on the Cross - a word of trust

Grow deeper in grace as you study the text from this week's sermon: Luke 23:26-42


Job: A Word of Awe

#3 in series: Famous Last Words

Grow deeper in grace together in your LifeGroup as you apply this week's message to your life.


A Word of Courage

#2 in series: Famous Last Words

Grow deeper and go further together in your Christian walk as Moses encourages you with his last word - a word of courage.


A Word of Confidence

This is Week 1 of our Worship Series: Famous Last Words.

What confidence do you have that God is at work in your life even when times are difficult? Grow deeper through his Word as we hear a Joseph's word of confidence, a word that you can have too.


Identity is a complicated thing. Our self-awareness is profoundly shaped by who our family is, by where we come from, and by the work we do, among other factors.  When a person is raised in a dysfunctional family, is removed from his or her own culture, and has to work in a dead-end job, self-identity takes a triple hit.  Joseph could have checked "all of the above"—a background of abuse, social disadvantages, and hopeless situations. He was harmed intentionally by people he should have been able to trust. He lost his family, his home, his reputation, his freedom.  And yet, astonishingly, Joseph isn’t bitter. His final words speak of restoration and forgiveness and express a word of confidence in God whose hands shape and guide our futures toward a destiny that not only blesses us but cares for those around us in life-giving ways.  For what God starts, he finishes.  What the Lord promises, he fulfils.


You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Genesis 50:20


Joseph’s last word can be your word.  You too can have confidence in God’s future, live assured in God’s timing, and walk boldly under God’s provision in any situation to be a blessing in all circumstances.


Grace Immersed Communities

Grab your LifeGroup, your Bible and think through how God is calling you to immerse the community you live in, with his grace.