LifeGroup Guide - Restore


LGG - Advent 2C Bake the Treats

A Bible Study guide for Advent 2.


LGG - Advent 1 Set up the Tree

Grab your LifeGroup and prepare your hearts and lives with expectation and hope this Advent season.


LGG Living for Joy

Join together in growing in God's grace with this week's LifeGroup Guide.


LGG Living with Joy

#2 in series: 'The presence of Joy'

Grow in grace together with your LifeGroup, as a couple, or a house


LGG Living in Joy

#1 in series: The Presence of Joy.

Grab your Bible, a tea or coffee and of course your LifeGroup and grow deeper in his God's grace as you study his Word


LGG What if you worship like never before

Final week of series: What if...

Grab some friends, a tea or coffee, your Bible and grow together in his grace


LGG - What if you loved your family like never before

Grab your LifeGroup, a tea or coffee, and your Bible and grow in his love and grace together as a Church family.Life


LGG What if you share your faith like never before

Grow in grace together with others as you go deeper into the Word.