Music for the journey

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9 May, 2022

We are all travellers on the journey of life ...

The paths we travel don't always look the same. Some are smooth and straight, others are winding and bumpy. But no matter what type of road we find ourselves on, Jesus meets us along the way. He invites us to walk with him from wherever we are at, to places we never imagined possible.

"Fellow travellers, let these songs inspire you on your journey as you meet the one who alone can illuminate your path with certainty and hope for eternity."

Travellers are a five member band from Sydney, Australia with a passion for helping people to have honest conversations with God and travel deeper in their personal relationship with Jesus.

You can buy HOPE ALIVE on CD for $14.99 (AUD) from Australian Christian Resources HERE.

Learn more about Travellers HERE

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Did you know LifeWay has a team of pray-ers who love to intercede on behalf of others? Did you know you can submit your prayer requests to this group knowing that they will pray with you and for you? Simply send your prayers to [email protected] and the team will pray for you. You can also send through your answers to prayer on that same address.

If anyone would like to join the intercessors team, please contact Charles Bertelsmeier, our prayer coordinator at [email protected]


New Service Opportunity

Pastor Mat is looking for those who would like to write a short devotion for our Daily Verse that we put out each day. It’s another opportunity to use your gifts to bless others and bring life to their day as they encounter God speaking through you. Email Pastor Mat at [email protected]  If you want to explore this further, maybe register to be a part of the ‘How shall they hear’ course that begins next week as you will learn skills that help you write devotions.


Revised edition of Luther's Large Catechism

"These new editions reveal an increasing awareness that the translation of a text must not only be accurate, but also appropriate to the character and style of the original. This is of particular importance for the translation of Luthers catechisms, which were after all written for the benefit of children and ordinary people, as Luther puts it in his Preface to the Large Catechism in 1529, and which were based on his sermon series on the catechism in Wittenberg. Luthers German is direct and colourful. It flows from his pen with dynamism, reflecting the living situation of the preacher addressing a congregation. Luther is not afraid to use the occasional colloquialism, or even to disregard the normal rules of grammar. Some sentences suddenly change direction, and thoughts are not always completed. Often a variety of ideas crowd in on one another within a single sentence. Above all, Luther is inventive and authentic, as far as linguistic expression is concerned." - Author, Friedemann Hebart