Have you found your Bible Buddy yet?

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26 August, 2021

Find someone that you can read the Bible with on a weekly basis. Read a Psalm together, start at Mark’s Gospel or Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Maybe you can use the ABCD questions Luther asked of the text:

A: What is this text About?

B: What’s the Best thing about this text?

C: What is the most Challenging or Confusing part of this text?

D: What is God calling you to Do?

We’d love to hear your stories about how God is blessing you through this simple endeavour!


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January Sermon Series

As we step into 2022, we do so with expectations. Expectations of ourselves, from others and as disciples of Jesus. So what are those demands and expectations? What weighs heavy on us and brings us down? Where is the clarity between what God offers and the expectations we carry? God invites us into a place of Zero Gravity, to know the world as he sees it, to move weightlessly with him as he expresses his capacity for love and service through us, as he holds us up and carries us forward into a rewarding life of mutual service. We move into the new year with focusbuoyancy and the certain hope that Jesus is building his church.


Cambodia Christmas Appeal - Thank you

Thank you so much LifeWay for your incredible generosity to the Cambodia Christmas Appeal to raise money to purchase computers to teach children and adults basic skills to break the cycle of poverty. Together, we have raised over $6000 for this project and are now working with Pastor Vibol to purchase and begin this new ministry.


New Chinese service at Epping has begun


New Chinese service every Sunday, 11.15am


We’d love for you to join us!

Contact Francis Leung for more details

聯絡人:梁國超傳道 (Francis Leung)電話: 0411 628 833電郵: [email protected]