Radical Love

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21 February, 2017


Love has been on the lips of many people this past week with the celebration of Valentine’s Day. But just consider how we use the word “love” I love meat. I love Holdens. I love serving LifeWay. I love my wife. I love my kids.  I love Jesus. The same word was used 6 times but we all know that each time something different and specific was meant. As his disciples, Jesus calls us to love in a radically new way; a way that has no regard to cost but is expansive and open to the outsider. It’s a love that is devoted to living the image of Jesus and the life of the Kingdom in every encounter and every relationship, every day. That’s the radical love we are going to explore in this study.


Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:48


The call to radical love is nothing more than being the person and community God has created you to be, just as God is the One God is supposed to be. God has so much confidence in you and will always call you to be more than you thought you could, returning hate with love, turning the other cheek, praying for those who stand against you. Through his love at work in you, Christ is redeeming, transforming, and drawing people into the life of his kingdom; a life in which they and you can truly flourish.