Romans 5:1

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21 March, 2022




Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ


The word peace gets used in so many different contexts in the English language. Whether it is used in the context of a place with 'peace' and quiet, as the opposite of war, or a sense of 'inner-peace', it really has its roots in relationships. It really describes an absence of conflict between people or as we have used it in more recent times, between groups of people or nations.

But the same is true of those other contexts too. Imagine the most peaceful place you can remember. I'll bet it was a place where things seemed to mostly be working together and in harmony. The same is true of inner peace, it's just a state of being when you are not at conflict within yourself.

The peace Jesus invites us into and makes available for us is peace with God. A broken relationship defined by generations of rejection by one party and eternal love and faithfulness on the other, finds its peace, finds a solution to the ongoing conflict in the death and resurrection of Jesus. In Christ you are at peace with God and he is at peace with you. What a joy to know that kind of peace!


Jesus, Thankyou for the peace that you have established for us through your death and resurrection. Help me not to neglect or forget that peace and help me to be an agent of your peace in the lives of those who do not yet know you. Amen