Romans 12:1

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3 August, 2020




Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.


Have you ever encountered someone who is so set in their ways that they stubbornly oppose anything new regardless of the arguments or evidence that there might be another, better way? We have this argument in our house fairly regularly. You will often hear my wife telling me, 'just because it's not the way you would do it, doesn't make it the wrong way!' She is right of course, her way is not wrong, it's just that mine is usually better!!! This can often be how we think and talk about worship. Hopefully we have all learned in these last few months that real worship is not confined to the four walls of our church. We have all been able to go on praising God for all he has done without meeting in our buildings. Paul is asking us to go one step further than even that. He is asking us to not let our worship be confined to Sunday, not to let it be restricted to certain places or religious settings but to let all of our lives be an act of worship, something that brings glory and honour to the God who created and redeemed us all. If God gave you a body that can sing, the sing his praise out loud. If God gave you hands that build or create or paint, then do that in a way that communicates your love and adoration of your creator. If God gave you a body that loves to show hospitality and encourage and help others, do it for the glory of God. It does not matter whether you milk cows, or sit in the seats of parliament, do everything to the Glory of God, worship him in the way he created you to worship, with your whole life and your whole body.


Heavenly Father, you are Lord of all and deserve all our thanks and praise. Thank you for the way that you have created me to respond to your love and mercy with praise and thanksgiving. Help me to bring glory to you in all I do today. Amen