Mark 1:27

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21 January, 2024



MARK 1:27

The people were all so amazed that they asked each other,”What is this? A new teaching - and with authority!  He even gives orders to evil spirits and they obey him.”



Amid all the awe these people didn’t give a thought that this person who ‘spoke with authority’ might be Jesus the promised Messiah, his power over evil impressed them but they didn’t seem to think beyond that. 

Jesus speaks with true authority, he has rank, power and integrity and can overcome and destroy evil.  We are not to be like those people and admire what Jesus did or look spellbound  at miracles he performed, instead we are to look at Jesus and how he  acted and spoke and  learn from him for his words are truth.

Jesus was gracious and gentle, patient and forgiving, His words brought peace and love into peoples’ lives which in turn brought  new life and hope.

These are things to be excited about, things that should move us to tell others. We can speak with authority because Jesus’ words are true, he has commanded that, as his disciples, we should tell all nations the Good News, and we have our own  personal experiences of God’s love, help and protection in our own lives that we can also share.



After adventures, Lord, and I have had an amazing Advent-ure during Advent, there is impetus to review what I do, how I do it or maybe step out on something quite different I ask for your help and the Holy Spirit’s guidance as I look to how I can better understand the work Jesus did and how I might become better working as his disciple.  May I always listen for your direction in my life. Amen

Today's devotion is written by Newcastle member, Maureen Macpherson