James 2:18

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24 January, 2024



JAMES 2:18

But someone will say “you have faith; I have deeds.”

Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do.



I used to look forward to the evening meal after market day. This was a monthly event when stock and produce was bought and sold and every one got together for a good old chin wag and some times these conversations were retold at home. I especially liked to hear about Mrs Carmody, a very devout Catholic and her husband a very kind man who was always ready with a smile and helping hand BUT he refused to go to church so when anyone commented on Mr Carmody’s kind help she would quote word perfect Ephesians 2:8-9  [saved by faith alone, grace alone,] she considered his kindness worthless because she considered he had no faith.

James, in our verse today, refutes the claim that ‘works’ Christians and ‘faith’ Christians can exist independently, simply claiming to have faith is useless, saving faith is a faith that results in action, likewise works without faith are meaningless, so, as Jesus’ disciples, what does this mean for us?

Yesterday we learned that before time began God had allotted works for us to do, so is it time to check how our works reflect the depth of our faith?

Do we love God and others as we love ourselves? Do we love and help others with a cheerful heart? Do we take every opportunity to tell others of God’s love and saving grace? Does what we say and what we do reflect how deep and unshakable our faith really is? Do we volunteer in our church? Check on the elderly person who is alone in stormy weather? God has saved us but he has also called us to work so Is it time to review how well we do answering these questions and ask ourselves how what we do arises out of our faith in God and the strength he gives to do it?


Father help me recognise my short comings, when my works and my faith aren’t quite in sync, give me the courage to make changes so that my works do not become meaningless or my faith dead. Amen.

Today's devotion is written by LifeWay Newcastle member and Jesus disciple, Maureen Macpherson.