The Flipside of Death

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2 April, 2021The Flipside of Easter

Death. It's the inevitable that we want to avoid. From anti-aging creams to efforts to download a person’s brain so he or she can continue to live virtually, to cryonics, the practice of freezing and storing bodies or body parts in the hope that future scientists will thaw them and bring them back to life. We are obsessed with health fads like activity trackers and crash diets. We love the idea of a pill that will extend our vitality. Many are waiting in anticipation for the vaccination to be rolled out as a protection against death by virus, so life can resume more normally. For the flipside of death is life...and that is a far more compelling option. But there's a problem.  For no matter what medical advances are made, no matter how much we try to avoid it, death comes…to hopes…to plans…to relationships…to you.  But Good Friday reveals the true flipside of death.  That hope is reborn. Dreaming is possible.  Plans can be made.  Relationships are restored.  Hearts are renewed. Love wins and eternal life is real.  All because the flipside of Jesus' death is life to all who receive it, believe it and live in it.

#3 in series: The Flipside of Easter

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