Gospel Community

24 July, 2022 Pastor Mark Schultz

‘Designed to switch between devices and work seamlessly together!” For those who use the Apple eco-system you will be aware of a cool feature called “Handoff”. It allows you to open mail on your iPad and start replying to a message, then pick up that half-finished email on your Mac and carry on where you left off! For Android users, apparently there is a google version coming for you! Romans 12 is the original Gospel ‘Handoff’ function – a real-time, living and dynamic feature that God uses to seamlessly work through all his redeemed people to continue and extend his Gospel operation in the world. As people connected to God’s network, every single Christian is able to be a base of operation from which his love and grace transforms lives and builds community. We’ll explore and experience the beauty of Gospel community that picks up and continues God’s Gospel Operation across many platforms and in whatever setting or circumstance he places us.

#7 in series: Operation Gospel


Gospel Call

17 July, 2022 Pastor Mark Schultz

‘Our thoughts and prayers are with you!’ It’s a phrase used by news anchors and radio announcers, believers and non-believers alike. Words that are uttered to express condolences for whatever loss, grief or tragedy has been suffered and experienced. But often those words have become just a ceremonial phrase that is tweeted or used at difficult times to offer passive support or express sympathy. We utter them, pause for a brief sound bite of sympathy music and move on to whatever other thoughts occupy our mind. The words are empty and hollow. The Gospel is not just a hollow word, it is a powerful, proactive and dynamic word that acts in our lives, transforms our lives and calls us to speak a powerful message into the world today. We’ll explore that today as we hear again and respond to his Gospel Call.

#6 in series: Operation Gospel


Gospel Certainty

10 July, 2022 Pastor Mark Schultz

'Jeopardy' is Game show that works backwards from the way most game shows operate. Rather than answer a question from the host, in Jeopardy, the host supplies the answer and the contestants respond with the question. So let’s try it. The answer is…Death & Taxes…What’s the question? What are the only two things certain in this life? Would you agree? Most of the world live with a Death and Taxes mindset. We live certain only about having what we’ve lived/worked for taken away by the government or by the grave. We live confident we’re going to lose…it…all. That’s what makes Operation Gospel such a critical mission in the world today. For the Gospel gives a radically different answer to the question, ‘What is certain in life.’ It’s an answer Paul shares with us today that gives certainty now and certainty forever, whatever circumstances we face. So today our prayer is that you discover a life mindset and outlook that is filled with Gospel certainty.

#5 in series: Operation Gospel


Gospel Freedom

3 July, 2022 Pastor Mark Schultz

'Old habits die hard.' We all know the truth of that. Whether you bite your nails, twist your hair, talk with your mouth full, procrastinate, pull out a cigarette when your hands are idle, or reach for your phone first thing in the morning, we all have everyday things that we do on autopilot. Trying to break that habit, your default way of acting or behaving, is extremely hard when it is has become second nature to us. It's no different with sin. The good news of of the Gospel tells us that we have been ransomed, that we are righteous and that we are free from the law's demands, free from the curse of sin, free from the penalty of death. Christ has shed his blood for our forgiveness, to make us part of his family, to secure our future and give us freedom. So why do we still struggle daily with sin? Why does worry still consume us? Why do fears still overwhelm us and anger overtake us? Why do old habits die hard? Paul not only answers that question today but shows us how our identity in Jesus enables us to daily walk with new habits in Gospel freedom.

#4 in series: Operation Gospel


Gospel Righteousness

26 June, 2022 Pastor Mark Schultz

'You be you." "Be true to yourself." "Follow your own heart and your dreams and you will become your true self." It's the catch cry of the expressive individualism that characterises our generation. But if 'you being you' is supposed to increase your happiness why are we seeing a greater anger, narcissism, and anxiety in our culture? Why is there an increasing fragility in people's sense of identity when looking inwards is supposed to empower you to live authentically? Paul addresses this question today in part 3 of Operation Gospel as he shows us how Gospel righteousness requires a complete reset that restores our true identity and gives us full and complete access to the grace that enables us to live authentic lives in every circumstances. We'll explore and experience that Gospel Righteousness today.

#3 in series: Operation Gospel


Gospel Ransom

19 June, 2022 Pastor Mark Schultz

It's a $20 billion-a-year industry that targets industry, business, schools and other essential services. Ransomware attacks encrypt and steal corporate data, threatening victims to release or auction the information if the ransom is not paid. They can be incredibly aggressive and call their victims using spoofed telephone numbers or actively email them if they don't respond to the extortion threats. Transfer and pay the bitcoin or ransom requested and you will be given a key to recover what has been taken from you. The ransom paid restores the information to the rightful owner. Today as we continue our study in the book of Romans, the idea of ransom is at the front and centre of Paul's mind. He knows the Scriptures, 'No one can redeem the life of another or give to God a ransom for them—the ransom for a life is costly, no payment is ever enough." (Psalm 49:7-8) He knows there is no amount of money paid that enables people to re-access the domain of heaven and presence of God. There are no good works that are ever good enough to restore us to the relationship that we were created for. It is beyond our ability and capability. But Jesus pays the ransom, he tells us that the purpose of his coming was "to give his life as a ransom for many" (Mark 10:45). We'll explore and receive that Gospel ransom again today as we embark on Operation Gospel.

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Gospel Exposure

12 June, 2022 Pastor Mark Simpfendorfer

Exposure. Any photographer knows that the more accurate your exposure are, the better your colours will be. Underexpose and your picture will be dark and important details will be lost in the shadows. Overexpose and important details are blown out in the highlights and the picture looks washed out. Exposure. Any parent knows that the right exposure to different influences in life is important in developing healthy children. There is a balance between protecting children from exposure to harmful and negative influences that enable them to succeed and thrive, but allowing them to be exposed to and learn from failure and wrong choices so they can develop independance, decision-making and resilence skills. Exposure. Today as we begin the book of Romans, Paul shows us how a Gospel exposure brings our life into sharp focus, exposing the dark areas and vulnerabilities of our lives in order to reveal the real beauty of who God has created us to be. It challenges us to look at our lives and the lives of others in a new way that will forever be life-transforming. We'll explore and experience what that Gospel exposure is today.

#1 in series: Operation Gospel


Proclaiming Reality

5 June, 2022 Pastor Mark Schultz


Growing Destiny

29 May, 2022 Pastor Mat von Stanke