Who is Jesus: The One who is Love

Here's this weeks Life Group Guide on this weeks topic of Who is Jesus: The one who is love.


Who is Jesus? The one who comes for all

Life Group Guide for #1 of our series 'Who is Jesus'.


The Waiting Room of Confusion

Grab a tea, coffee and your life group and delve deeper into the Word together

#3 in series: The Waiting Room


Here I Stand...in the trenches

Delve deeper into the final week of our Reformation series: Here I stand.


Here I stand...in his blood

Delve deeper into week 4 of our Reformation series: Here I stand.


Here I Stand...on the promises of God.

This week's LifeGroup Guide to go with week 2 of our sermon series: Here I stand.


God: A word of Victory

#6 in series: Famous Last Words.

Grab your friends, neighbours, LifeGroup and grow in confidence in living victoriously in the promise that God is making all things new.


Jesus: a word of life

#5 in series: Famous Last Words

Grab your LifeGroup and grow deeper together in the life and grace of Jesus.


Thief on the Cross - a word of trust

Grow deeper in grace as you study the text from this week's sermon: Luke 23:26-42