Celebrating Christ

Christmas and Easter are two of the great festivals of the Church year that we love to celebrate here at LifeWay.  We would be honoured if you would join us in celebrating Christ and the good news that he brings to our lives.


Christmas is the climax of a journey that begins four Sundays before Christmas, which we call Advent.  During this season we wait with eager expectation and excitment for the coming of God’s gift to the world in his Son, Jesus Christ.

Christmas Eve is celebrated on 24th December at 7.30pm with lessons, drama and carols.

Christmas Day is celebrated on 25th December at 9:30am with a Holy Communion service.



Easter is not one service, but a journey with Christ from the last supper, through the garden, to the cross and the empty grave.  Each service is quite distinct but together tells the whole story of the passion of Christ and his love for you.

Epping Church

Palm Sunday | 9.30am
Maundy Thursday | 7:30pm, with Holy Communion
Good Friday | 9:30am
Easter Sunday | Dawn Service at 6am followed by breakfast or 9.30am with Holy Communion

Newcastle Church

Palm Sunday | 9.30am
Maundy Thursday
 | 7pm, with Holy Communion
Good Friday | 9:30am
Easter Sunday | 9.30am with Holy Communion