Christmas Cheer 2022

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24 November, 2022

Hampers, Toys, and Gift Cards is happening again with Salvos Christmas Cheer 2022. This is a great way for us to bless others this Christmas as part of our involvement in the Together for Ryde network. The hampers will go to families in our community who have been struggling this year and bring a touch of hope to struggling lives.

Can you bless a family in need this Christmas through the gift of a Christmas Gift Box? 

All the instructions are provided to help make it easy to pack your gift box and spread hope and joy this Christmas.


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Faith inspired gift ideas

The 2022 ACR Christmas Catalogue is here!

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Christmas 2022 at LifeWay

“Less stuff…more stories – give enriching experiences this Christmas.” So says an advert on a well-known website where you can purchase experiences to create shared memories. We love to immerse ourselves in experiences. But having an experience is more than just knowing about something, it’s immersing and involving ourselves in the heart of what the experience is. This year God invites you to really Experience Christmas. To immerse yourself and involve yourself like never before. To experience Christmas is to experience Jesus; to immerse yourself, involve yourself fully, totally in Jesus. Experience him as the Spirit of God unveils Jesus through his written Word. Experience all that Jesus is through a genuine encounter with the child in the manger who became the man upon the cross. Experience the wonder and the joy. Experience the hope and the fulfilment of all God’s promises. Experience Jesus and you will experience Christmas.


Cambodia Christmas Appeal

This year the Cambodia Christmas Appeal has two projects you can support:

PROJECT 1: Salary for Pastor Vibol and his family - $12,000

We are looking for 10 people who are willing to make a $100 monthly donation to support Pastor Vibol’s salary as he ministers to and builds a Gospel community.

PROJECT 2: LifeWay Cambodia Ministry costs - $10,000

Help support LifeWay Cambodia as we serve the community and reach them with the Gospel.

- Renting a premises on the main road that the school is

- on to run computer classes, English Classes and other events for young people.

- Run Gospel presentation events in primary, middle and high schools (we partner with Lutheran Hour Ministries in Cambodia)

- Support school students with stationary packs at beginning of each semester. (last year gave out 890 school packs)

- Run education and gospel presentations to husband and wives in villages to help grow their marriage but also to help them see the value of education for their children.

- Support elderly people in the community whose children have left the rural areas and moved to the city.

- Run education programs to improve sanitation and hygiene that especially affects adolescent girls.

- Purchase of 5 more computers for the computer program

- Give scholarships to young people in villages who for young people with difficult family circumstances to stay in school and get the chance to graduate from high school or university, positioning them for bright futures.

- Develop some agriculture projects as an income raising means for long term sustainability of LifeWay Cambodia.

Your acts of generosity, no matter the size, can have an eternal impact.

For donation details and to read stories download the flyer on this page

Or simply click the Give button above.