God’s Fingerprint

27 April 2018

26 April 2018


When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?  Psalm 8:3-4

“I can see God’s fingerprints all over you.”  It was a comment that was made to someone I know in recent days.  God’s fingerprints…all over you. Have you stopped to think what that means.

Fingerprints – those unique little ridges that identify us and say undeniably that we were present. They are everywhere.  On car windows, just after they have been cleaned! On glasses if you wear them, around light switches, on doors, mirrors, glass tables, your smartphone, computer or any other shiny surface. Whatever we touch, our fingerprints remain.  Most of the time we want to get rid of those marks; wipe the surface clean and remove any evidence that someone has been there. 

But what about God’s fingerprints?  Can you see where he has been?  When Pharaoh’s magician’s in Exodus 8:19 couldn’t replicate the gnat plague that God had brought upon Egypt, they remarked, “This is the finger of God.”  In other words, it was unmistakeable that God was at work in that moment.  They could see the tell-tale sign, the fingerprint that he left behind. 

God is at work in this world every day. Whether we see it in his awesome creativity and the intricate design of everyone and everything in this world – the rainbow that stretches out over the sky, the opening up of a flower bud, the delicate ladybird that softly glides down to land on a leaf.  Each one is a discernible mark that reveal that God has been active.

But God is not just at work in creation.  The resurrection and ascension tell us that Jesus continues to be active in our lives in a very real way today. Sometimes we just need to look for the fingerprints that uniquely identify his presence.  The word of encouragement that lifted your spirit and gave you the courage to go on.  The wise advice that brought insight or clarity. The opening up of a way that you had deemed closed. His intervention in a situation that you thought hopeless. The overcoming of an obstacle that you considered insurmountable. The release of a burden you determined impossible. The answer to prayer that came at the opportune time.

God’s fingerprints are all over you every day, whether you see them or not.  Fingerprints of love, mercy, forgiveness, compassion and care.  Fingerprints that leave you in no doubt that he has been with you, touching your heart, redeeming your life, guiding your path and caring for you in every circumstance.  His fingerprints are daily reminders of his constant faithfulness to you and his abiding love for you.  So take a look around and let the presence of his fingerprints on you fill you with joy.

TO PONDER:   Where do you see the fingerprints of God’s presence in your life at this present time?

Almighty God, open my eyes to see where you are at work and present in my life today.  Amen.