Philippians 1:21

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25 January, 2023




"For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”


To say to live is Christ, obviously is not of our natural life, but of the life received through Christ.  Life means Christ. Christ is our life. Life carries no meaning apart from Christ. As Paul wrote to the Philippians, he was helping them to see that the only goal worth living or striving for was Jesus Christ. That is why Paul can say, at the end of this life, when the sinful desires of our flesh are finally put to death along with our earthly bodies that we have not lost, but rather gained the one thing we sought in life - Fulness of life in Christ. That is why even our death would be our gain if we die in Christ because we also will be raided with him to full eternal life.


Lord Jesus, living has no meaning apart from you. May you always be the primary motivation, inspiration, and goal of my life. May I always be prepared to lose everything if it means holding onto the surpassing greatness of knowing you as my Lord.  Amen

Today's devotion written by Francis Leung, LifeWay Epping