1 Timothy 3:1

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23 September, 2021




Here is a trustworthy saying: Whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task.


There's a management principle called the "Peter principle" In effect, what it says is that in any organisation, an employee will rise to their level of incompetence. How it works is that a person is recognised for what they do, are acknowledged for it and so promoted. If they succeed again, they will earn another promotion until they eventually reach the end of their competency and there they stay. It's at that level they create problems! But more important than competency, Paul tells us today, is character. The question that Paul is addressing is that since God's mission is a global mission - making disciples of all nations - what sort of people will get that job done? It's fine to aspire to the role of elder/overseer/Shepherd in God's church, for there is nothing more noble that preaching the Word, caring for people and drawing people into the kingdom of God, but competency is one thing, character is altogether another. Competency will only take you so far, but character, a life demonstrably lived in Christ and his grace, will enable you to flourish, accomplish God's purpose for you, bless others and navigate the highs and the lows, the hardships and the struggles that come in ministry. So today as you ponder this word, and reflect on your own aspirations, ask yourself, "How is the character of Christ evident in my life and how is it shaping how I live out the responsibilities Christ has given me?


Lord, let you character not only shape my life but be evident in my life, that I may be ready to fulfil the responsibilities that you give me. Amen.